30 Jahre Traumzeit

Recorded partly at Kamasutra Bunker Studio, partly somewhere else, but always live. 5. Oktober 2018

Mixing & mastering: Eroc

Price: 15 € (plus postage)



  1. Zündfunke
  2. Das Riker-Manöver
  3. Mysterious Masterplan *
  4. Moshi Moshi *
  5. Rücklicht
  6. Traumzeit *
  7. Karmageddon
  8. Holografischer Aderlass *
  9. Der Tanga
  10. Kobaltblau *
  11. Pulsar
  12. Relikte der Regenbogenschlange *
  13. Skopje *
* pure Session


Rainer Lange: Guitar
Stefan Lange: Bass
Tihomir Lozanovski: Drums

Others have been looking for the right voice for years, we found it in guitar, bass and drums – 30 years ago.
When the last vocal mike was packed, we discovered the inspiring  power of improvisation, looked at each other with open mouths and instinctively knew that it would have to stay this way.

Extensive jams gradually became arranged pieces – always with the knowledge: The best musical moments, the multiple orgasms of the art of composing music, arise above all in the here and now - in the rehearsal room or on stage in the interaction with the audience, and you have to be very lucky to catch them.  

There is hardly a more uplifting feeling than the moment when the muse pours ideas from orbit into the funnel, which are then reflected from the loudspeakers in somnambulistic harmony.  

The term dreamtime from Aboriginal mythology perhaps best describes this feeling - the feeling of being part of the creation process. The disc is full to the brim with the spontaneously achieved highlights in our favorite jams, supplemented by arranged titles, which now inhabit the musical landscape of our 30-year-old triumvirate as a living inventory and are preliminary balance of a long journey.

Thanks are due to all who have become our friends through and with the music on this way. Thank you!

Rainer, Stefan and Tihomir