TRIGON: Herzberg 2004

A seventy six minute live album from the German answer to a more progressive Ozric Tentacles as the bass, drums, electric guitar and keys/synths quartet fire up and soar into space. Across fourteen tracks, from three to seven minutes long, you'll hear a full range of psychedelic fusion as all moods are touched from serene to all-out attack. On the first track alone, with some expansive synths and mellotron-sounding backing, amid rhythm section work that goes from dynamic and powerhouse to slow and tasty, the electric guitar work alternates between spiralling runs and furnace-heat soloing. From there onwards, track after track is a surging delight, as the band as a whole and the guitars, in particular, and synths/mellotron/ organ, all fire up to provide an excellent sounding, quality live set.

Andy Garibaldi - CD Services