TRIGON: Emergent

Brand new studio album, produced by Eroc and with a sound that is just stunning in terms of its power, clarity and dynamics. Only 4 of the 13 tracks feature a synth/keys player, which leaves the remainder as a trio of electric guitar, bass and drums to play some sizzling psychedelic fusion that really rocks, with some astounding psych guitar work that's very Paul Rudolph-sounding in many places. The dynamics of a lot of the tracks are exemplary, starting as slow builders and then firing on all cylinders in a blaze of scorching electric guitar work, with a rhythm section that's solid and powerful. You can't avoid mentioning the production from ex-Grobschnitt drummer Eroc, who must surely be one of the world's finest producers, and he gets a sound where the bass is absolutely evident but not obtrusive while the drum sound is the best you'll have heard in ages on a European psychedelic jamming album such as this. Without a less than glowing track on a positively nuclear but always melodic and dynamic album of instrumental psychedelic music that's structured yet possesses the loose and flowing feel of a great jamming album, this is a monster and absolutely essential listening for fans of psych, instrumental guitar rock, guitar-dominated Krautrock and more - quite stunning!

Andy Garibaldi - CD Services