Live CD of Trigon prog-hard rock with fusion jazz

"Klappe Auf"

13 years Trigon, that is 20 albums, 1 new live CD with recordings of their very successful gig at the legendary "Burg Herzberg Festival" (among others with Amon Düül II, Mountain and Petards) and - like they call it themselves - a proper portion heavy-zen-jazz. Elements out of fusion-jazz, prog-rock and hard rock in skillful arrangement living of the improvisation - Stefan Lange (bass), Rainer Lange (guitar) and Daniel Beckmann (drums) a compact unit, a little drone-monster, that winds into your ears. Some avantgardistic colourdots are interspersed. You often find this in the so called post rock (the combination of alternative rock and jazz, mainly in and out of Chicago). The roots of Trigon are however more in the 70th hardrock. Sometimes the instrumentals sound like Primus, Zeni Geva-light or First Things First, then you can hear like Goblin (the famous Italian prog rock and soundtrack band) or the Rollins band without Henry Rollins - saturated, fat, groovy, bluesy and moulding. This unity is a live experience, a unity of heavy, zen and jazz.