Dead Earnest (February 2008)


The one thing you have to say right from the start is just how professional an offering this is. Filmed in close-up (sometimes disarmingly so) it provides an insight into almost the telepathy between the band members as you watch the instrumentals unfold, while at the same time sounding absolutely spot on so that you hear every note the trio play in crisp, dynamic and forceful manners.So, let's deal with the playing first - the band is a trio of electric guitarist, bassist and drummer who play mid-length compositions that work by the fact that they can't be bracketed to any one genre - it's not jazz-rock, it's not "guitar rock", it's not metal and it's not progressive - yet it is also all of thos, and more. A set of tracks warpped up in the identity that is Trigon. All three members of the band play tightly and with fluidity, so much so that the structured compositions seem positively organic and if there are any improvisations, then they are so hot as to appear structured. There are elements of everything in here from King Crimson and Mahavishnu through Brand X and Holdsworth, to Zappa, Satriani and beyond, but at no time do you ever say "oh, it sounds like....." As a live album it sounds superb, as instrumental tracks it's riveting from start to finish. Now, the visual aspect. Here, and it's just me, I have problems. The camera work is excellent and varied, never focusing on one member for too long. But that it showcases the experessions on their faces at the same time as showing their dextrous and powerful playing methods, for the whole lenth of the DVD, gives me cause to think that to musicians (of which I have never been and never will be) it's most certainly enjoyable to watch; that, to female fans of the band who fancy them (of which I'm not one of either!!), it's also riveting; that to guys who just love the band and their music, it's a fascinating insight as to how they play it. For sure, all of those will enjoy watching this DVD on many an occasion. For me, although I love what they do, it's somethig I'm glad I've seen but which in future, will be required listening, but as to watching, well, simply not for me. That said, a stunning band for sure, well worth catching live and decidedly one of the best instrumental bands in this area, around today.

Andy Garibaldi
Dead Earnest